Deardorff V8
Chicago built

   This camera is a directly evolved from the Deardorff of 1938-49. It uses the same bed and front and all metal parts. The rear frame was made a bit narrowed on the top to accomidate the thickness of the front swing unit when the camera was folded up.
    A subtype of the 1950 V8 was the group of 300 cameras made for the  U.S. Air Force in 1952 . These were identical in every way to the regular V8s except they only accepted Eastman style lens boards. 6x6 Square cornered with a 1/8 inch rabbit. This was a concession on Deardorffs part. The Air Force had thousands of lenses on these boards that they did not want to change out. The US Navy and Marines also recieved some of this order. All had a sand cast bed plate.



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