V 5 OS
5x7 Folding View

1937 V5 OS   (5x7)
Red stained wood with Gold painted metal

Deardorffs sudden popularity with their 8x10 camera saw the need for a 5x7 size camera. As you can see it is a smaller version of the 8x10. Same exact movements. These cameras came in 3 styles. The first had the sliding panel lock on the side of the front base with  red wood and laquered brass (circa 1926). The second version  is the one shown here. Red wood with gold hardware (1926-37). The third and final version  was Brownish wood and nickle plated metal. A sub version of this was the WW II production cameras. These were made of Spanish Cedar ( yellow in color )  with some mahogany. The metal ia nickle plated. These had 4 1/2 X 4 1/2 Square cornered lens board on the earlier models and in 1937 went to a 4 1/2 X 4 1/2 rounded cornered lensboard. Production ended in 1949 with the introduction of the V4 and V5 with front swings.

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