Deardorff V11

Deardorffs V11 was also a  natural off shoot of their V8s. First developed in the 1940s. The V11 saw many variations. The earliest were built without front swings. Many were built for the U.S. Marine Corps. These were used for beach reconnaissance and were equipped with spikes on the tripod ends that could be removed and used as a weapon.   I personally think a good swing at the enemy with the camera on the end of the tripod would be a better weapon. The cast metal parts were painted silver. After the war front swings were added. By the 60s the cast metal parts were painted in  a gray crinkle paint. Depending on bellows material it can use a 90mm lens and up to a 44 inch lens. 7x7 inch Special order lens boards were an option.

V11 in Close up position. 44 inches of bellows !

       V11 in Wide angle position             V11s had a 6x6 round cornered lensboards

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