Deardorff Studio Cameras Circa 1929

      Deardorff Studio cameras are in a word BIG. They were conceived and designed to meet a new form of photography. Catalog photography.  Catalog photography was in its infancy in Chicago. There was not a camera and stand system made at the time that would meet the photographers needs. The country was in the beginning of the Great Depression and the arrival of the Sears catalog was always anticipated and the Deardorff S11 helped the great catalog houses promote their goods. These cameras were made from 1929-1965.  Many LARGE studios had as many as 100 of these giants.

Some specs. Maximum Lenth 72 inches with all 3 sets of bellows.
                           Maximum height, The tallest stand was a 20 footer !! Most were 15 feet tall.
                          The tubes hold lead weights to counter the weight of the camera
                          The platform that the camera sits on can rotate 360 degrees around !
                           Total weight, 850 lbs (20 footer)

As you can see these were BIG.
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