Front Swings with out a front swing model camera
If you have a pre front swing 8x10, 5x7 or 4x5 (The Baby) . You do have a way to affect front swings. Merle Deardorff  taught me this while I was training at the factory.
Put your camera on a tripod. Open it up. First  you lean the front standard ( thats the U shaped metal part and the only part of a Deardorff that is a " standard ") BACKWARD so the shutter is OVER the tripod hole. Now to swing the lens pivot the camera on the tripod hole making sure the tripod head does not move and swing the back. Now the relationship between the lens plane and the image plane can be adjusted as in a camera with front swings.
Starting in 2002 8x10 Front swing conversions will be available again!