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5X7 VIEW / 4x5 Deardorff View / 4X5 SPECIAL
              1950          1950-early 60s          1960s-1988

The 5x7 View was the logical continuation of Deardorffs popular 5x7 camera (now known as a 5x7OS)
It has 22 inches of bellows and can be compressed to take a 75mm lens depending on bellows material.
It was intoduced December of 1950 with Serial number 100 for both the  4x5 Deardorff View and 5x7 View.
 The 4x5 Deardorff View and 4x5 Special is the exact same body as the 5x7 View.
The only difference is the back and the name plate on the front of the camera.
In the early days of production this camera was called a 4x5 Deardorff View.
The name 4x5 Special was simply a way to differ the two cameras.
When a customer wanted a 4x5 back it was a Special order item.
Production ended in 1988

                                           4x5 Special front view                                       4x5 Special in Wide angle position

                                             Bottom view                                                                       5x7 Back

Remember, The 5x7 View and the 4x5 Deardorff View and the 4x5 Special are the same body.
They just have a different back and nameplate.

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