Ebay has brought a whole new way to value Deardorff cameras.The following prices are examples as found on Ebay in the past year. Remember its an auction so there are two people who determine these prices. Also a large proportion of the " mint " cameras have been refinished by me. My work did not intend to be an influence on pricing these cameras.   This does not account all Deardorff cameras or parts seen on Ebay .  Only the ones I  wrote down  that sold and met reserve.
Some camera shops are reporting too. These prices reflect Ebay and those shops.

Condition __________well used_____Average_______Above Average_______Exc_____Refinished

Camera type

8x10 no front swing      5-900              1200                         1600                                            1800
8x10 w FS                    1200               1700                         2800                        3100            3500
5x7 No front swing                               900
4x5 Special (w FS)                                                              1860                         2700           3050
5x7 View (w FS)                             12-1600                                                        3000           3250
11x14 View (w FS )                            2300                         3100                         4125           5500
6x6 Lens boards True Deardorff ones    30                                                             75
8x10 backs ( just the back w glass )       175                         250-350                      500
A 8x10 Deardorff Camera case          455.00
 Minimum Parts order: $65.00