On November 3rd 2002 a bit of Deardorff history was discovered. Perhaps rediscovered is more fitting.
A date was discovered stamped on the back of a rear extension rack of an early series V8 Deardorff.
This particular Deardorff was a bit of an anomaly. Its metal parts were not finished in the typical clear lacquer. They were
painted in gold enamel. The date is 11-28. What makes this unusual? From past talks with Merle Deardorff I believed
the last year for the production of the early cameras (with wood and aluminum front standard) was 1924. See photo.
Here's a camera three years newer. So when did these cameras give way to the mass produced metal part cameras?
Disassembling one of my early cameras yielded a new date also: 1930! This camera was thought to have been from 1925. It has the 4 part bed not the 13 part style.
To further confirm these revised dates I bought a Central Camera catalog dated 1930. Inside was a cut of an early Deardorff mentioning the "seven years of development"  So this brings the early style cameras made from 1923 to 1930 NOT 1925.

Boston Gear icon w/11-28                                                               Wood and aluminum front standard