Corrective Photography
By Lewis Kellsey

Just what is Corrective Photography?
First, it is the method that all view cameras should be used.
Second, It is the name of a book published by L.F. Deadorff in 1947. It was written before front swings were standard on all of Deardorffs cameras, yet shows,  in line drawings,  front swings in use and their effect on the image.  Lewis Kellsey, the author was a Deardorff inlaw and an avid View camera user.  He saw the need for an instructional book on view camera usage and started work on the book in 1939. There were 500 copies printed. Merle Deardorff autographed many of them. Of the 30 or so copies I seen only 3 were not autographed by either Merle or Kellsey.  In the future I will show a few pages from the book. According to Ebay sellers and others this is a rare book. Searching I found 10 copies ranging in price from an ex library copy in poor condition for 60.00 to 250.00. Rare? Well maybe, but if is so rare how come there are these 10 and at least one on Ebay each month?  Whats the Value? 50.00 Tops. Okay, thats just my opinion. I suppose its because I remember when I could buy them at used book shops in Chicago for 5.00 ( the original price) The book is very dated yet does show how to use a View camera effectively.

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